When taking pictures as a kid, my mom would tell me to put my face really close by my brothers and say “buddiessss!!!” It was a fun way to smash our faces together and capture the moment.

I have been thinking about my “buddies” lately. Moving into this new stage of life is a transition. I realized that growing up my brothers were my best friends. We did everything together. Orphans, legos, you name it… Now Darin is coming home after TWO YEARS of serving his mission in Africa. I can’t wait to see him in 3 days! Being 18 months apart, he was my buddy. People would always ask us to stand back-to-back to see who was taller. We were like twins.

Then I had friends in high school, friends in college…and most I still talk to. I love what they taught me and all the memories we have.

Then was the happy day when I married my best friend, Michael. He is my “buddy!” He makes me laugh, we have fun and enjoy life every day. He also gave me my new little buddy…Carmen.

I realized I love being around her. We play toys on the carpet, we run around and laugh. She takes clothes out of her dresser as I put them away– she is just a lot of fun.

I wanted to freeze-frame this moment today. She said “more” and pointed to the pantry. (She’s getting smart.) I showed her a big box of animal crackers and also some teddy grams to let her choose between the two. She picked up her teddy graham and put it in the tub with the animal crackers. Idk why, but it made me laugh. She had a huge grin, and I realized, “I love being around her.” She did it again and again, each time with a huge smile and dancing her little feet around. She is a character.

Then she took those same teddy grahams and fed them to her doll. I am excited Carmen will have a new little “buddy” when I have this baby, but I hope she will always be my friend too.

We had an ultrasound yesterday, but aren’t 100% sure on the new baby’s gender. We are thinking it’s a girl, but it was a little too soon to tell. If it is a girl, I hope my little ones will be best buddies forever!

I peeked on Carmen as she was napping. I never really wish for her to wake up, but today I did. I was lonely and wanted my buddy to wake up and play!

Being a mom is the best.


7 responses to “Buddy

  1. Beautiful Jill….your blog today made my heart so happy and it made tears roll down my face as I thank heaven for you and your ability to find such joy and happiness in all the wonderful little miracles in every day living! How I love you! Texas Mom!

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