Round 2

Ok, so it’s been a blast talking to everyone about our new baby on its way.

Some things I realized

  • This is Round 2…I’ve done this before.
  • I will have 2 babies while I’m 23.
  • We will soon be a family of four.
  • In Texas, the average number of children for those who have children is 1.9….Utah is not much higher with 2.9….See each state here. Guess you could say we’re “overachievers!”
  • Most people secretly think we’re crazy, but all are happy.
  • People have now come out to tell me they noticed I was “showing” a little bit. Then go on with slightly failed attempts to say it’s only because I’m so skinny they could tell…hmm.
  • We will have 2 kids before our 3rd year wedding anniversary.
  • Little babies are miracles, blessings, and bring a sweet spirit into your life.
  • I have overcome the shock and now we are all EXCITEMENT!

Look at these goodies I’ve picked up from my doctor….

All my parenting papers

It’s nice they give you all this, and it is helpful information. The cool part is, I’ve done this before! I’ve done it! I’m already a mom!! All those nerves and worries are somewhat less because I already stressed and poured over reading material like this. I know each baby is different, but I’m excited for Round 2! It’ll be a whole new world….

Needless to say, I was able to throw most of this away! 🙂

This is my song for the little one:
Faith Hill Baby You Belong

Sorry for the lame quality and Leo & Stitch…only one I could find. 🙂

And watching this makes me realize how much love I have for Carmen, and how much that love will grow for this new little one. Boy or girl!



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