Carmen loves two things for sure:

1. Me

2. Food

Only problem is, I’m not sure which one she loves more.

She just started this “Mo” noise. She’s learning to talk, so I’m sure it’s a word. Plus, she’s just brilliant and so, of course she’s talking…right?! 🙂

I’m just trying to figure out if “Mo” means Mom or More.

I’d like to think it’s Mom, but she only says it when she’s in her chair, doing her thing.

We’ll see…maybe I’ll decode the baby talk soon enough.

I did figure out “Ball” at least!

It’s such a fun stage!!!

Other lesson from Carmen:

Life’s all about choices.

I put food on her tray, then a little while later, I’ll add some more food. She usually spits out or throws down any food she was currently eating to see what I have.

Even if it’s the same cracker, fruit, or whatever. Guess she’s just a little curious thing.

She knows what she wants, I guess!! Food always looks better coming from Mom!



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