Big deal: Michael got into graduate school!!

He is going to Texas A&M, and we will be Aggies! Not sure what an “Aggie” is..I think it’s something off of agriculture, so I’m cool with that. Maybe I’ll have to start growing a garden.

I’m so proud of Michael.

He’s going to keep working full-time and then do school to get his MHA, Masters of Health Administration…sounds so official. Here’s the scoop on his program.

They are ranked well nationally, and are a very reasonable university financially. It is such a blessing in our lives, as Michael’s employer will also compensate for tuition. So cool! I checked out lots of cool facts, but this one stood out:

“After conducting a survey of leading employment recruiters, the Wall Street Journal ranked Texas A&M 2nd nationally, as “most likely to help students land a job in key careers and professions”.[56][57]” (Taken from Wikipedia, sorry…don’t judge me)

But how nice is that? Aggies stick together! Maybe down our career path, a fellow Aggie will hook us up with Michael’s dream job!!

We are happy and feel so blessed! A year ago, we had no idea all of this would be in store for us!

Bottom line, starting in September feel free to call me every Tues/Thurs night. Carmen will be tucked in bed and Michael will be at class! Did I mention it’s like a 3-4 year program…yikes! We’ll be sticking around Belton for awhile!!!





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