These past couple days, more than ever, I realized how much I love being home.

I remember when Michael first told me, “You know, whenever I leave my parents or a vacation, I’m not as sad as I used to be. I think that’s because we always go back home together. Having you is really what makes it home.”

So true. I’ve thought about this a lot.

I went to California, my childhood “home” and had a great time. Michael wasn’t there, so a part of me didn’t feel at home. I missed having him there.

When I came back to my home in Belton, Texas I  found flowers and this adorable sign:

He listed off 10 reasons to stay in California, and 1 reason to come to Texas: Him. He said “I hope it’s reason enough!” Of COURSE!

Now that we’re back together it’s better than ever. I feel more myself, and he seems to be way more attractive, funny and sweet than I remembered. I guess being away for a bit makes you even more grateful once you’re home with the ones you love.



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