So I’ve been traveling!

To New York, back to Texas. Then 3 days later to El Dorado Hills, then to LA, then back to El Dorado Hills, then finally home to Texas. Whew!!

My sister and I were trying to figure out how many take-offs and landings in this couple-week period and I think I had about 12 or more! That’s nuts.

Speaking of nuts, I got my share of peanuts.

First of all, is giving out peanuts a tradition for airlines, or do they really think they are the best snack option.

I understand they are cost-friendly or less expensive than other options (which might not be true because peanuts at the store are crazy expensive, plus the flight attendants are always handing out MULTIPLE peanuts.) Even more, I found so many peanuts in the seat pockets in front of me, leftover from not-so-enthusiastic peanut people. (Me being one of them.)

I don’t mind peanuts, but they never sound so great on a plane. Plus with my little one on my lap crammed in a 2×2 space, I didn’t want to pick them up off the floor.

So here’s the deal.

The flight attendants come around, offering peanuts. I say no thanks. Then if they are nice,ย  they say, “Would you like pretzels instead?” WOW!!! PRETZELS!!!

This is the hidden secret of South West Airlines! They have pretzels!!!!!

Then I began to notice. Some flight attendants didn’t offer pretzels. They handed you two bags of peanuts and went on their way. Others asked what you prefer, and they were like SUPER nice. Others handed peanuts, and only gave pretzels if you asked. CRAZY.

I wonder what the policy is on this. Are they keeping the pretzels to snack on for themselves during take-off and landing? haha…

Don’t get me wrong….peanuts are great. But I was overjoyed when the pretzels came around!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Carmen was too!!

Any other pretzel lovers out there?

More travel stories to come! ๐Ÿ™‚






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