I just got back from vacation to New York City.

Let’s just say, city life is different than Belton, TX. I was reminded of how different things are here, as I drove to church today. I saw three things:

1. Hay barrels
2. A windmill
3. A green tractor

I smiled to myself and thought, life is so different here.

It’s a slower pace. People will stop and talk to you for hours if you’d let them.

I loved New York. We had an amazing trip. Lots of memories, and so much to do. It was refreshing to see my family, and we shared some good laughs.

It was the best bringing Carmen everywhere. She is a ham. She might even end up right there on Broadway someday. She is a crack up.

She smiles at everyone. Complete with the “I’m shy” hide behind my shoulder for a second, then a big “oooo” face. We tell her to say hi, and she will wave, clap and squeeze her little bum cheeks. haha. Her whole body gets excited when she sees people.

Having a baby in NYC was different. We got creative going through the subway entrances with a stroller and multiple bags. We were quite a sight to see. Not only do we have a tall family, a big family, but we have a small baby in the middle of Times Square too. It was just awesome.

I found this video that put it all in perspective. Seeing a lot of people from all over the world makes you think about your own life.

I’ve been blessed with so much. I love my family. I have purpose. I have a plan. I find joy in being a wife and mother. I know where I’m going and what I need to do to get there.

I just hope the thousands of other people we saw during our trip will someday know the same.

Watch this inspiring video about finding true joy, a different kind of life, in the middle of the city.



4 responses to “Different

  1. Our sweet Jill, I love your reflections from your fabulous trip to New York. How fun to think that sweet little Carmen walked around this exciting city with her precious smile and happy giggles! 🙂 I am so glad you were able to be with your beautiful family. Family is everything to us! Thank you for making my Sunday afternoon extra wonderful with the small film clip on your blog. It was beautiful and thought promoting! I too am so glad to know the plan of happiness….lasting happiness. Jill, you are our JOY!! Love you so! Texas Mom xxxoooo

  2. It’s been neat for us too, discovering the “big city” of Geneva. It’s no NYC, but it definitely blow Provo out of the water. The verdict? We much prefer the “smaller” life, or at least living outside the city. To be frank, I think living IN the city just stinks! Literally! lol.

    Anyway, great post– can’t wait to see some pictures from the trip!

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