This post is long overdue. It’s about time I let you into my secret: I am a nerd.

Actually, not only am I a nerd, but I have tons of cyber nerd friends–all whom I hold in high regard.

Let me explain…

Things that make me nerdy:

  • I know HTML code
  • I worked for a survey software company, and liked it
  • I can fix things…
  • If I can’t fix it, I google it (In fact, in my email alone, I used the phrase “google it” over 100 times.)
  • Don’t believe me? You can ask google why I’m a nerd. Really, click here.
  • See, that was a super nerdy thing
  • For some reason knowing about social media makes you nerdy….I think high-tech gets a bad rep and is confused with being nerdy
  • I don’t wear glasses, but I have fake ones. That’s kinda nerdy.
  • I talk about nerdy things, and my husband tells me I’m a nerd. So naturally, I believe him.

The other day I had a nerd moment. These come along every so often. I see them as a challenge. It usually happens when my family or someone runs into a problem. They call me (who knows why?) and ask me to help.

Case in point.

My dad’s gmail on his iPhone all of a sudden stopped loading new messages. Can I help? Do I know anything about this? No…but google does.

And by google, I mean my cyber friends. You’d be amazed how many nerds there are out there.

I search for my problem/question, and BAM! I feel like I belong. All of a sudden there are hundreds of people with the SAME problem! So cool.

I scan these forums and they become my friends.

CONFESSION: I have never posted on a forum.

So sad. I almost have this guilty conscience because of it. I feel like I owe these people something, after all they’ve done for me. haha.

So consider this my tribute.

I love my nerd forum friends.

And yes, I fixed my dad’s problem. I guess nerds get this weird satisfaction and good-ness feeling….because that’s what happened when my dad texted me “VICTORY” after his emails loaded.

Seems easy, just google it. Well, to be a true nerd, it takes a little more skill. Like googling the exact error code, or linking to other forums, or making sure the date is included in your search for the most recent solutions.

There ya have it. Insight into my nerdy world.

So awesome.



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