A few days ago I visited Family Search, to see my genealogy. I was curious how far back it went, and what type of dates and places I would see.

I was amazed. I realized I come from such strong roots and an outstanding legacy.My family history goes back to the 1400s, and maybe even further.

I have so much respect for those who have come before me.

I know that I do so many things that I do, because of the influence of my family and their examples. Take that principle and multiply it across generations, and the result is incredible.

There are so many links that have connected to get me where I am today. Strong, brave individuals. I wish I could get to know them all. Maybe someday.

They didn’t have the internet to teach them things, they read books. They didn’t have TV, they worked in the home/land together. Most of all, many of them probably thought they weren’t doing anything special. But over time, these links have been strengthened….and I have benefited.

I want to be a strong link in my family tree.


I want to connect with those who have gone before me. I want my posterity to be proud. Think about it. What legacy are you leaving?



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