Happy Father’s Day.

There’s something different about fathers than mothers.

Sure, both sacrifice in countless ways, but to me a father has always been a quiet rock of reliability.

My dad means the world to me.

I remember growing up people would say, “you look just like your dad!” I remember thinking that was so cool.

I remember him serving in the church, coming home late on Sundays and us kids preparing him a plate of food and writing notes on his napkin.

I remember him teaching me things: how to shoot a ball, how to swim, raft, swing a bat, write an essay, and tons of other things.

I remember him laughing and having fun with us. Wrestling on the bed playing “King of the Mountain” or joining in during our extreme water fights.

I remember coming to him for blessings, encouragement, love and advice. He was always there. Waiting up for me, half-asleep in the rocking chair and asking about my night.

These memories are treasures. No one can take them from me. Because of my Dad, I am better able to understand the love of my Heavenly Father.

What a gift.

Now on to my wonderful husband, who is a new dad.

This is a song that gets Michael every time! He has such a soft heart and cries just about every time he hears it, especially when he sings “She’ll change her name today…she’ll make a promise and I’ll give her away.”

So sweet. I have loved watching Michael become a dad. He is absolutely incredible. You can tell just by the look on his face.

I am so incredibly thankful for the dads in my life. I never knew how much it would mean, but as the years go on I realize more and more how lucky I am.

Thank you Dad. I love you.

Thank you Michael for being a perfect dad for Carmen.

Thank you to his dad for being such an incredible example of love and kindness.

Thank you to my Heavenly Father for answering prayers, looking after me and for blessing me with these people in my life.

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Happy Father’s Day!



3 responses to “Dad

  1. Jill…you have been a gift to everyone…especially to me. The years roll on so fast.Our pictures and memories can fade but “families are forever”. I love you. Thanks for including me in your nice tribute. Dad

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