If you are a mom, you know the obvious benefits of nap time. Not really for yourself, but for your sweet little kiddos.

Carmen is currently sleeping.

I reserve this time to be productive. To get things done around the house, call friends, or cross things off my to-do list. What ends up happening? I spend time on the computer.

Sure, I usually do my freelance work during her naps, but let’s be honest. There’s so many distractions out there that sometimes that just doesn’t happen. I check my email, I research things online, mess with my dad’s website, write lovely blog posts, and BAM I feel connected to the “outside world.” I’ve been a computer person for awhile. I guess from school and work and such, it’s just carried over.

Carmen is so happy when she gets a good nap (or two) in. She wakes up with puffy eyes, a big smile, and usually talking to herself or reading books in her crib. So wonderful.

Anyway, back to me being productive during nap time.

I’m debating getting addicted to Pinterest, a social networking site that lets you share things you like on a “billboard” sort of platform. My sister-in-law has discovered the joy of it, and I’ve been thinking about it for some time.

Here’s an image I found that someone “pinned.”

So cute.

So is anyone out there a “pinner?” Should I jump in??



13 responses to “Naps

  1. Hmmmm… Jill I have the same experience during Derek’s nap times! I have to “pace” myself πŸ™‚ Ex: read one blog, change the laundry, read another, do the dishes. Derek’s naps are starting to fade out! But it gets so much fun when they get old enough to entertain themselves (for even just a little bit)

  2. K sorry didn’t realize it wouldn’t put my name in there, (I’m on blogspot)… This is Brittani (your half birthday cousin)

  3. hey there! just blog stalking πŸ™‚ I think pinterest is really fun, and it’s not all that addicting to be honest, it’s just neat. I used to save links in drafts in my email and now I can just click a button and add them to a board, so I vote yes, go for it πŸ™‚ and be my friend on pinterest!

    • Hey Lydia, Yeah, what a good idea. I’ve always looked for a way to keep track of my favorite links/sites/images, etc. I think I’ll set one up and definitely add you!! πŸ™‚

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