So here’s the deal.

Like I said, Carmen is all over the place. She needs new shoes.

So, I did a little research and decided I would swing by Target to pick up these Skidders. I thought they were a cool invention, and a girl I babysat had them. Adorable.

Little did I know Carmen would go crazy. She wanted to walk all down the aisles and practically doing the splits because her shoes were so slippery.


Those are her old shoes. Notice how they are cloth. Yes, not made for walking.

In fact, these cool Skidder shoes are only made in sizes 12 months and up… Guess little babies Carmen’s age shouldn’t be walking.

Well, that didn’t stop us. Since Carmen had already chewed on them and dragged them all over the store, we decided to get them. Maybe they’ll still fit anyway.

Here’s her adorable face holding the shoes:

"They're so cool, I'm gonna die!"

Her face in that picture reminded me of this clip. I just love the little girl’s face.

So anyway, we got the shoes. We also found some white sandals that can double as Church shoes. 🙂

The whole time Carmen’s roaming and slipping on the floor and everyone is staring. I’m like, “Yeah, I know…that’s why I’m getting her shoes.” haha. It was crazy.

But I’ll keep that in mind next time I need her to burn off some energy. Roaming the Target floors…oh man.

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2 responses to “Shoes

  1. This might be my favorite post so far! LOVE the picture of Carmen and your shoes! …AND I absolutely love that clip from Despicable Me! Dustin and I quote that all the time! SHE’S SO CUTE, I’M GUNNA DIE!!!! 🙂

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