I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this beauty.

A map of the US, complete with stereotypes. The best was California, Texas and Utah…probably because I now know the most about those places after living there.

But check it out, Texas…although full of cows, cowboys and cow land… is known for “manners.” So true. Yes sir and yes ma’am are common phrases here. Makes me feel so special. If you missed my madam post, that takes it a step above ma’am!

Special thanks to my good friend Christine for posting this on her blog. 🙂 She’s a good PR friend, and happy to still be keeping in touch.

While you’re at it, check out this song about Texas, it’s pretty clever. Nice ad by the HEB grocery store chain.



3 responses to “Manners

  1. thanks jill! i keep telling paul i want to live in texas someday, but he thinks it’s just because i love the show “friday night lights”, and he kind of is right. i hope you are loving it, ma’am!

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