So as I was falling asleep the other night I realized that I had dealt with some pretty heavy stuff.

Not in my life, but in some people around me.

Which is an interesting part of life. It’s amazing how influenced we can be by people around us. Those we love, those we know, and even those we don’t know.

With social networking, you can connect with people instantly. It’s a blessing and a curse.

This instance it was a blessing.

It helped me feel. It helped me see the world around me. To step back, be grateful for what I have, and to be sensitive to others around me.

Here are a few things that all came up in my day:

  • I saw pictures a childhood friend had posted of her dad. He passed away in her late teenage years, and was an incredible man. He was fighting health problems but was so full of life. The pictures made me cry.
  • I read about a family member’s inner-feelings about her new baby. They’ve tried to keep hopeful spirits as this beautiful blessing awaits an organ transplant.
  • I heard about a couple in our ward who lost a son at age 21 to a drunk driving accident. He was killed coming home from work one day. They are a strength to the ward and he serves as the stake patriarch.
  • I gave a woman a hug who is dealing with a broken marriage.
  • I read Darin’s letter about his companion who lost his sister at only age 26.
  • I listened to my home teacher talk about Dallin H. Oak’s talk on Desire, and how a man valued his life so much that he cut his arm off. It was stuck underneath a boulder and he found a way to survive.
  • I visited a sister’s home who needed help from the storehouse. Her hours at work had been cut back, and she was trying her best to make ends meet.

I mean, really.

It is days like these that I can honestly thank God for my perspective in life. How could we handle the pressures of the world, without an eternal perspective.

I know why we have trials–they are to make us stronger. When we feel the load is too heavy, we must turn to Christ. He knows our pain. He can help.

To all those dealing with a heavy heart. I’m mindful of you today.



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