This is just so funny. My little girl is getting big.

And not just “growing up” kinda big. She’s getting a little CHUNKY!

She’s always been pretty long and lean, and let’s be honest…she still is pretty skinny.

But I couldn’t help laughing when this scene occurred last night while I was making dinner. Carmen always wants to be in the action. I usually let her play on the kitchen floor, but she was getting antsy. (go figure)

Then I remembered I used to put her in her booster chair and let her sit on the counter. That way she could at least see me and not hang on my legs.

Well all was fine and dandy until it was time to get her out.

She got…uh…stuck.


These pictures say it all. (Don’t judge me for being a mean mom and taking pictures in this time of stress. I couldn’t help it.)

Poor Carmen.

Carmen stuck in her chair

Carmen trying to get out of her chair

Guess those chunky legs are getting too big for her chair. haha. ๐Ÿ™‚ Is that funny or what? Any other experiences with chunky babies out there?



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