So I came across an interesting find in the sports world.

After every post-game interview, Kevin Durant thanks the Lord for the opportunity to play basketball. Of course, he then goes on to answer the question, but what a simple way to share your faith.

Here’s an example:

Check out the comparison his coach made in The Dallas Morning News:

“He reminds me a lot of Joe Montana,” Coach Scott Brooks said. “I loved Joe Montana.”

“Kevin is very confident, very calm and really stays in the moment. He has this demeanor on the floor and off the floor that you know everything is going to work out just fine. It’s all because of the work he put in to prepare for the moment that allows him to have success.”

Soft-Spoken Kevin Durant forward doesn’t seek spotlight

I think we can learn a little something from Kevin Durant.

Not only is he humble and gives credit to God, but he also takes his Bible along with him to his games. And some of us complain about taking it on vacation….man.

He wears his backpack in every interview and fans were growing curious.

“I’ve got my iPad, I’ve got my Bible, I’ve got my earphones and my phone chargers,” he said.

So cool.

It’s refreshing to see two guys who scored 40+ (Dirk and Kevin) and both acting so humble about it.

Now, I know Michael is cheering for Dallas tonight, but let’s give Kevin Durant some credit. Did I mention he went to school in Texas? haha.. Gotta love these religious people down South!

Has anyone else noticed this in his post-game interviews? Any other religious athlete stars out there?

I find it so refreshing. 😉



2 responses to “Durant

  1. Jill!!!! Thanks for pursuing the lead on Durant!!!
    Nice to have a modern day example of “Seek Ye First the
    Kingdom of God….” Best thing is he doesn’t just carry that Bible around with him…he reads it and lives it!!

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