Ok, so my friend Alec Nethercott is making an album of all his music. This is such a beautiful story.

I’ve been friends with Alec and Cari since I was 14 or 15. They are by far some of my best friends. They dated each other as teenagers, and got married soon after Alec got back from his mission to Norway! We are both set on traveling back there together! How fun!

So back to Alec’s music…us girls used to go to Alec’s shows as he would play his guitar in local coffee shops or cafes. We’d cheer him on and we always knew Cari was his biggest fan. Now she still gets to be serenaded by Alec’s music all of the time! Soo cute. She is the sweetest wife, and their relationship is such an example to me. Fun, flirty, and rock solid. They’re expecting a new baby girl and we are thrilled for them!!

Here are some fun pics!

This is a picture of them at my 17th Birthday:

Here they are at my wedding:

And then the most adorable picture I stole off of facebook:

Congratulations Alec on recording your album. I can’t wait to hear it! Thanks for being such great friends…I love you guys!



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