G is not a word you say? I know, I know, it’s a letter. But apparently it stands for a word, which is close enough for being the word of the day.

Have you ever wondered with the 3G, 4G is all about? Check this out:

Well, I found out it stands for generation.

I have an iPhone 3G. I am apparently in the third generation.

My dad has an iPhone 4G, he is way cooler in a whole different generation…Talk about generation gap. haha. (He also thinks the G stands for Greg.:-))

So I thought this was an interesting concept.

Of course, technology continues to come out with updates so we keep buying their products. I also believe they truly do improve the product as well. (Which is better than launching a new product with nothing better added on.)

I also learned that comics can come with a comment feedback forum. This is brilliant. For all those who love comics, you can see what other people think about them in this comment thread.

Also, if you want to learn more about this G concept, check this out.

So they say, the G is a technical specification that has been hijacked by marketers. Apparently, no provider in the US truly offers 4G coverage, according to the tech geeks.

“4G is a technical specification. There is a committie that writes the specification and determines explicitly what standards must be met to call your technology 4G.

Among other things, a network must provide download speeds of 100Mb/s in order to call itself 4G. LTE Advanced is currently the only technology in the United States that has been certified as 4G. No cellphone carrier in the US has the technology, and hence no carrier has 4G service.”

Whoa. So now you can feel a little more informed when the cute T-Mobile girl comes on, or your friends are talking about the iPhone.



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