I came across an interesting article on the NY Times, about Skype.

It turns out Microsoft has bid to acquire Skype for $8.5 billion dollars. Read about it here.

I have a lot of family and friends who use Skype to stay connected. It’s a great tool for those dating, engaged, or have family far away. I know my mom has been dying since we don’t have a microphone/camera on our computer so we can’t Skype. She would love to see Carmen in action!

Anyway, this article is very interesting. It would be a major deal in the Communications industry.

Skype has 107 million users per month connected for more than 100 minutes a month on average. That’s an amazing number of people who could be influenced.

The article also mentions how this move could put them ahead of Google, one of their obvious major competitors.

It states,

“Google is way behind Skype, and getting ahead of Google in this market was certainly an incentive for Microsoft,” said Leif-Olf Wallin, an analyst for Gartner in Sweden.

Photo Credit: NY Times

The article almost poses the acquisition as a win-win, explaining that Skype could be marketed in all of the Microsoft product lines.

“Microsoft has extremely broad reach, they have a whole product portfolio that Skype can be attached to,” said Mr. Andreesen, whose firm bought a $50 million stake in Skype in 2009. “There’s all kinds of ways Skype can make money.”

Again, the article is worth reading.

If you or someone you love has ever kissed the Skype screen, had a virtual date on Skype, or are just big fans, pass this along! haha…

I just hope it stays free.

When you start charging people for a service that has been free for so long, you get problems.We’ll see what happens!

Even Cooler than Skype

So yesterday my awesome sister-in-law Christina introduced me to videos on Facebook! You can actually send a video message for a friend to watch anytime. (You have to have a mic and a webcam though…looks like I have another excuse to buy one!)

Check it out!

Video Message made my day!

I love it. Such a fun surprise to open my messages and see Christina’s ADORABLE face!!


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