So the other day I caught Carmen eating paper. She had this innocent look on her face, so I had to capture the moment.

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This wasn’t just any paper, though. It was our “date hearts.” Basically, if Michael or I do something nice for the other, we leave these paper hearts sprinkled around. Dinner on the table, a candy, etc. It’s a fun way to introduce a surprise of some kind.

I guess the heart-shaped paper pieces and bright colors attracted Carmen. What baby wouldn’t love little hearts that fit perfectly in hand and melt-in-your-mouth? ๐Ÿ™‚

As much as she loved the hearts, Carmen is not particular about her “flavor of paper.” Computer paper or even the program paper at Church….it’s hard to keep it away from her!

Then, for an extra laugh check out this video. It is absolutely hilarious. The baby goes crazy over her dad ripping a piece of paper.

Have a good one!


3 responses to “Paper

  1. She is adorable!!! That video is hilarious! The funny thing is that I was ripping up junk mail one day and Quinn started laughing hysterically, so now Steve and I do it all the time. She will even laugh when we make the sound of ripping paper. Too funny.

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