I don’t know if it’s the part of me that lives in Texas, or the part of me that likes stories in love songs, but I’ll admit it….I like country music. I don’t like the twang and the hillbilly nonsense, but the genuine, good country music is just sweet.

Last night we were watching the new series, “The Voice,” on NBC. It’s a spin off other singing competitions, where famous music artists pick a team to “coach” and train, before they compete with the other teams.

One of the artists on the show is Blake Shelton. He looks like a home-grown country artist, but Michael and I weren’t sure of his music. So of course…the internet. I’m the little researcher, so I checked out his songs and reported back.

Blake Shelton

Turns out he sings the hit song, “Austin,” which is really cute. But my favorite that I found is this love song called, “Who are you when I’m not looking” Check out these songs!

Anyway, so this Voice show is pretty cool. (You might be tempted to add it to your DVR list…)

I’ve never really gotten that into American Idol, but this one seems to step the talent up a notch. Every singer on the show was seriously AWESOME. Plus the coaches include Christina Aguilera and the lead singer from Marroon 5.

So an interesting thing happened on the show. A few singers actually SANG SONGS that are written by the coaches. Kinda crazy. A couple girls sang country songs that were written by Blake Shelton’s fiance.

Yeah, so I was back to the computer. Who is his fiance, and what does she sing? haha..

Here is a duet I found with them singing together. It was pretty sweet, and I could feel the love vibe. Totally country.

Another part of my country experience was at a baby shower on Saturday. It was fun to meet and greet with the ladies in Tyler, TX and my mother-in-law was sweet to invite me to come along, since we were in town.

Anyway, one of the baby shower gifts was authentic COWBOY gear!!

Get this: an authentic Atwood cowboy hat, a pearl-snap one-size, embroidered jeans with a bull on them, like legit denim from head-to-toe. I couldn’t believe it.

Cavender's Cowboy Onesize

I thought to myself, only in Texas!!ย  Bring on the country!!


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