If you ever think you’re getting to old, just say “Duh” a few times and you’ll feel better.

I’m not talking about the mean use of duh, that makes people feel dumb. Not like, “Duh I took out the trash, you idiot.” Not sure if people still use that in their vocabulary. Hopefully that died out after you turned 11 or so.

I’m talking about the ultra-valley girl, duh.

My awesome roommate from college would drop a duh every so often. I actually really liked it. It totally fit her personality… like duh! It just has to make you smile.

It’s more of, “I agree.” Here’s an example convo, in case you want to start incorporating this word into your everyday vocab:

“Hey, have you heard this new song? I totally thought of you when I heard it.”

“Duh, it’s like my favorite song.”

So that’s my word for today. 🙂


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