So the news reports that after so many years, Osama has been killed.

I am an informed citizen. Or…news just travels fast and happens to find me.

Either way, that is a big deal. I’m not going to go on a political rampage about Obama taking credit for Osama, or his inspiring speech, or anything like that.

CNN.com says even before September 11, bin Laden was already on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.

What I will do is tell you a funny story about another death that happened just yesterday.

The death of our side mirror… Don’t worry… it was just the glass. (I feel bad for the people who crack off the whole side mirror, and it’s sadly hanging on by a few wires…)

So we were crusin along the highway at like 7 am. We left Tyler, TX to get back to Church in Belton, TX (about 3 hours away). We were about half way on our trek when we saw some big birds picking at a carcass on the side of the road.

They must have heard us coming, but they got confused.

Instead of running off to the closest shoulder, they tried to cross the road.

Now I’ve seen a lot of critters cross the road. Squirrels are particularly fast, as are little California Quails. These vultures were no match for our 70 mph Toyota Corolla.

We smashed the vulture with the drivers side mirror.

It was a crazy thud. (Don’t worry, Carmen stayed asleep).

Yes, we live in Texas, but NO the vulture we hit was not on a dirt road. I had to use this picture though, so you could see the size of the wingspan. These creatures aren’t small little birdies.

So we hit the Vulture. I’m not sure if it died, but there was plenty of killing involved to relate this post to Osama.

Death of animal on the road, hitting the vulture, death of side mirror….see…

Any thoughts? What has the news reported about all this? No, not the vultures but the Osama findings?

Here is the Obama speech:

God bless the USA!


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