So for the past couple of weeks, I have a new project with Scott & White to help the Investigative Pathology team.

What I love about writing and my job, is that I get to dive in and do a lot of research about different topics. In order to write about something, you have to know quite a bit to carry that through to the public. You want them to be able to read something online that makes sense, is valid, and is the most important information.

Lately, I have been learning about cancer. It has swept over the globe and influences so many of our loved ones. I’ve read on forums, hearing from sufferers and survivors. I’m amazed at the scope of this deadly disease.

One lady I visit every month in our church has been battling cancer of the throat. She is weak and doesn’t get out of the house much. My heart aches for her as I try to imagine what that would feel like.

The positive side of this post, however, is a message from Dr. Asea from Scott & White. I’ve been reading his material, and he is working to develop a drug that will allow our body to fight back against cancer. It has proven successful in specific types of breast cancer, and they are excited about their findings.

The more I read, the more I want it to be successful. What a message of hope to so many who suffer. They are trying to move to clinical trials to be able to test their findings on humans, and need to raise money before doing so.

If you’d like to read about Dr. Asea and his team, See the article here. (On page 16)

To all those who have courageously battled cancer, whether themselves or with a loved one, this post is for you. Maybe we will see a cure in our lifetime. What a neat thing to think about!


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