Seth Godin is a brilliant writer. He covers a lot of topics and always has something interesting to say. I find that every time I read his blog, I feel like a light in a new part of my brain goes on. It’s like, “Yeah, you’re right.”

After those types of feelings, I always want to share what he says.

Today I found a post about the “Four Horsemen of Media.” Because I’m a Communications major, I thought that this is interesting. He compares four types of media or “horsemen” and how our world is changing.

He says,

“The first is when you talk about yourself. Directly to people who care to hear you out.

The second is when you pay someone to carry your message. Media for hire, we call it advertising.

The third is when you cajole the ‘editorial’ side to talk about you, with authority. Publicity is often worth more than advertising, but it’s pesky in that it doesn’t perform on demand.

The fourth, the fourth is all the rage right now. That’s when unanointed kings of tiny media, when bloggers and tweeters and others talk about you.”

He says that we should stop pretending that these four horsemen have much in common.

“There are some that would be delighted if PR and social media would just own up and start playing by the rules of advertising. In other words, you ought to be able to buy this sort of buzz. It’s more efficient, more convenient and more predictable.

Of course, it doesn’t work that way. Buying your way into the fourth horseman doesn’t work. Professionalizing it doesn’t work so well either. What works is making something worth talking about.

As it should be.”

That’s so cool. In order for the “unanointed kings of tiny media” to talk about something, it has to be worth talking about. It’s a great shift in our society that I have loved to learn about. Through my years in school, I’ve come to really love writing: sharing ideas, promoting passions, and connecting to people outside yourself.

We are so blessed to learn from others, even people we’ll never meet. Like this Seth Godin fellow…he’s made me think and act differently, and he has no idea.

Here are some other interesting reads from him, if you’d like to take a look:

How to Fail”

Perfect v. Interesting”

Enjoy! Has anyone read his blog? What do you think of his ideas?


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