Nomenwhat? Yep, that’s right nomenclature. It’s definitely a word big enough and worthy to be Today’s word. Let me tell you why.

It’s actually a word about words and it caught my attention a few days ago.

I was on a phone call with my coworker/boss. Because I do freelance work, I guess every one is my boss. Anyway, I was on a conference call and we were discussing some web content suggestions I had found. Ironically, Michael was also on the call because he is the supervisor over the division we were discussing.

We were talking about lots of things, and we came up to one of my suggestions. On the website, there were a few words that were a little difficult to understand for the general public. I had suggested three new words, and this is where my boss complimented my nomenclature.

No joke. She said, “I’m really impressed with your nomenclature there.” And of course, the conversation went on like I knew exactly what she was talking about.

For us commonfoke, it means, “a set or system of names or terms, as those used in a particular science or art, [or writing] by an individual or community, etc.”

I’m guessing…word choice? And I thought it was fancy to use “diction.” I guess nomenclature  takes it to another level.

Anyway, I wouldn’t have paid much more attention to the issue, but Michael called me out on the conversation. After he got home, we started talking about the phone call.
He then said, “You didn’t know what she meant when she dropped nomenclature, did you?”

“Uh…nope. I didn’t. I used contextual clues.” (meaning, I knew she thought my writing was awesome by all the other compliments, of course…)

“I didn’t think so,” he said.

And we both laughed about it. Then I knew I had to blog about it. I mean, a blog about words…I gotta give nomenclature it’s proper publicity.

Has anyone else heard of that word? Or better yet, heard it used in every day speak?


2 responses to “Nomenclature

  1. So this word is commonly used in the sciences actually. I came across it mostly in my organic chemistry classes and it was referring to the methodology of naming organic compounds. Obviously not a very common word to be used, but a great word when used in context appropriately!

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