I came across this article, “What If She’s Not the Right One?” by David Lapp.

For anyone who cares anything about dating, marriage or relationships it is a must read. I loved every part of it. It has a very interesting perspective and has a lot of great points.

One point I liked was this, that marriage is a heroic act.

He says,

“Marriage is heroic in that it calls a man and woman to give the gift of ‘I’ — a gift so radical that it constrains our choice, but also so creative that it creates a ‘we’ (the one-flesh marriage union)… The decision of marriage narrows the horizons (you can’t marry anyone else) and extraordinarily expands them (you raise your own family)

In other words, in marriage, we discover another paradox: the paradox of gift. The paradox is that in giving the ultimate gift (our self), we gain what humans throughout the centuries have described as ‘the meaning of life’ (the love of one’s spouse and children).

When it would seem that we lose ourselves, we find ourselves.

Not only do we spiritually ‘find ourselves,’ but we also physically find a reflection of ourselves in the children that come from the marriage union.”

I love that. The entire article is great. It’s refreshing to see scholarly commentary and look alongside Church publications.

The day my heroic act began. I love you Michael.

He also quotes John Paul II,  “The lover ‘goes outside’ the self to find a fuller existence in another.”

I know my life has been fuller, better, brighter, happier, and so much more because of Michael. It is a beautiful thing to be married. What a blessing and what a heroic act!

Please take a minute to read it and tell me what you think. I want to hear!


2 responses to “Heroic

  1. Jill!!! Reading the beautiful words you wrote touched my heart. How are you so wise still being so young???? Thank you for posting the picture….when I scrolled down to see it my mind was flooded with memories of the inspiring marriage that you and Michael have built and unexpected years flowed freely. I love you both so much!!!

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