Last week when my family was in town we took a trip to San Antonio.

It turned out to be a really inspiring day. All I knew about the Alamo before our little trip was that Davy Crockett died there. As a kid, my brothers and Iย  loved Davy, including the song, “King of the Wild Frontier.” According to the song, he “killed him a bear (pronounced BAR) when he was only 3.” What kid wouldn’t think that’s cool?

Anyway, so I learned a lot more about the Alamo. I also learned there were other noteworthy people involved, in addition to Davy. We watched an IMAX movie about the history and Keith Merrill made the film. He’s a family friend of ours and so it made it even cooler! The IMAX movie was incredible. Michael even got Carmen to sleep during it, so I was extra happy. There is something about seeing a film, watching the event come to life, that makes a real impact.

I was so impressed with its history. All of the men at the Alamo died to protect freedom.

What a noble cause.

We walked around the fort and saw the memorials to the soldiers. As I saw the memorials I was thinking about all the change in the world. Would people today be so brave? Would they fight against thousands of soldiers, knowing they were going to die?

Politics today get so messy. There are loopholes, budgets, taxes, laws and a whole lot of negativism. I hope that even with all the crazy stuff that goes on in Washington, we value our freedom as much as these men did. They gave their lives protecting it.

I’m free to worship, free to learn, free to live, and so much more.

Quote from Sam Houston before defeating Mexico

That quote from Sam Houston is amazing. They had such faith. They were so brave. I want to be committed to a good cause and motivate people like he did. I want to honor those who have gone before me. Those who protect my rights, my religion and my freedom.

Michael and me in front of the Alamo

God bless the USA…and Texas!! If I keep taking trips like this, I might gain a little Texas Pride!


3 responses to “Alamo

  1. Jill I love your posts, read them every day. You are such an amazing woman. I think someone is becoming a Texan and understanding the Texas Pride thing ๐Ÿ™‚ YIPEE

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