For my birthday, my mom gave me a really neat book titled, Live, Love and Learn. It is a book of lots of little insights, especially for women. I have really enjoyed it so far. There was one entry from Virgina Hinckley Pierce that made me think a little differently.

She wrote:

“I have trouble with accepting the need for downtime. I want to be a continuous switch, a peak producer with no valleys. I want relationships that get better continuously; I want to make continuous improvement myself with no temporary backsliding. I want to be able to jump up the minute after I am kicked in the stomach. I just don’t want to allow time to recover and take in strength. I want to be a non-stop flowering wonder. And I want every one else to be the same. No waiting around, no retreating, no fallow non-productive times.”

You can see why it caught my attention.

As I read on, she had a really insightful thought.

“I’ve always wondered about the phrase ‘long-suffering.’ At first glance it seems to indicate that being miserable for a long period of time is some kind of virtue to seek after. I don’t think so! Then what could it mean? Perhaps ‘suffering; in this phrase could be interpreted to mean ‘allowing’ as in ‘suffer the little children.’


Perhaps the Lord sees “allowing time, and allowing a long time” as a sorely needed virtue.

Thanks Virgina for this really neat insight. I think I can do a better job allowing time for people to learn life’s lessons. Even more, I think I can do a better job allowing time for myself to recover or relax.



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