Maybe it’s something about being a mom that makes you feel grown-up. Maybe it’s moving to a new town, away from college and family. Maybe it’s being totally responsible for another human being. Maybe it’s seeing my husband leave for work everyday and come home after 5 p.m.

Feels like I’m playing house, or maybe I’m a grown-up. I’m still not convinced. Grown-ups have life all figured out.

I came across this quote I really liked, “Being grown-up isn’t half as fun as growing up.”

I love that. Yes, I’m growing up. More responsibility, more decisions, and more fun too!

Photo Credit: Jamie Lacey Photography

So let’s just say I’m growing up…. not a grown-up. Right??

4/18/11 Update.

I was babysitting this cute girl, and she found my high heel shoes. I had to snap a photo, because it reminded me of this post. Too cute.


5 responses to “Grown-Up

  1. I agree it is much funner to be growing up and grown up. It’s like falling in love isn’t the same as being in love and maintain the love! I look forward to seeing what your next word is, I think its such a fun idea.

  2. Hi Jill
    I did a google search of my name and I came across your blog. I am totally flattered that you liked my picture enough to use it and link it back to my blog. If you would like I can email you a new image without the blurred watermark. I am new to photography so I am a little curious as to how you came across it. Your blog is really nice. Thanks – Jamie

    • Thanks Jamie! It is an adorable picture! I admire all the photographers out there, and I try to give them the credit they deserve. I hope the link sends some traffic your way. 🙂 I found it through a simple google search. Feel free to email me the photo you mentioned at 🙂

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