I’ve been called a lot of things…but I’ve never been called “madam.

In fact, I thought it had an accent over the second “a”…like a fancy French word or something, Mad-a-m, but I guess not. It’s just Madam. Well, not just…it  is a fancy, big deal kind of a word.

That’s why it caught my attention when a pool boy called me that during our stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida. (I put the link if any of you are interested in booking..haha.)

Let’s be honest, we were traveling on Michael’s company and they had their business meetings at the hotel. If it wasn’t for that, we’d probably be at the Travelodge sleeping with our shoes on or something. It was simply gorgeous there. I took tons of pictures.

View From Our Balcony

So I was laying out by the pool, doing my thing…trying to act the part… then as I was leaving the guy said, “Have a great day Madam.” (Complete with the tip of the head.) WOW! He made my day and made me feel slightly uncomfortable at the same time.

Didn’t know a word could make me feel that. From now on, I shall go by Madam. Has a nice ring to it, ya think?


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