First of all, I’m not sure if this is a real word. Legit-est. Well, according to Urban Dictionary, it is. In fact, it means “Being more legit than everyone else around you.” Even though it may be common slang speak, I will still shocked when it was used a few days ago.

I found this in my bathroom, from the Elders:

Yep, we are the legitest family EVER!

They left this hidden “thank you note” of sorts in our bathroom, because we gave them a ride to Waco, TX to pick up and drop off an Elder. It saved on their monthly allotted miles, and it gave us something to do on our Saturday.

Not to mention we got to tell them about all the crazy dates we go on. Seriously, we told them all the fun things we do. We get pretty creative. It just so happened that our most recent dates were a little abnormal.

We had attended a canning demonstration at the local Belton Museum. (Hey, we won a jar of free homemade jam! Now that’s legit!) If that wasn’t funny enough, we also had an action figure date where Michael bought us a barbie and muscle man. We used the action figures to act out a script during dinner at Chilies.

Here are  pictures to prove it:

Michael with the Jam

Jill with the Action Figures

So fun. Pretty sure those Elders got a good laugh. But hey, we’re still the legitest family ever!



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